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Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2022

Whether you're single, in a relationship or it's complicated, we have the perfect gifts to impress your significant other, as well as some ideas to ensure you don't miss out on the love day celebrations — Read on! 

1. If they love SUMMER 

Be(M)Dita Praia Kit, or free translation Blessed Beach is ideal to who loves sun, sea, pool parties in a very good hair and tan body.

Be(M)dita Praia LOLA, Blessed beach - Hair Leave-in, Body Tan and Moisturizing Body Jelly

What you will get: After Sun & Sea Body Moisturizing Jelly, Body Tan Illuminator and Hair Cream Leave-in

2. If they love their Wavy and Curly hair

Enriched with flax seed extract, calendula, and ginger, it gently cleanses and helps define waves. Ideal for wavy hair. Defines, adds shine and eliminates frizz. With thermal and solar protection, Wavy Hair LOLA Inc. is perfect!!

LOLA Wavy Hair

Inoar Go Vegan Wavy And Curly Hair collection penetrates deeply into the hair fiber to provide nourishment and shine. In addition, it offers the softness and softness your hair needs. Ideal for loose curls without frizz. Castor oils as one of the main ingredients has great power to clean and moisturize the scalp, and Rosehip acts as a regenerator, combats dryness and hair damage. And it is Vegan and Sulfate-free product.

INOAR Go Vegan

3. Who Loves a Bath

Dragon Fruit and Camu Camu extract combined with Brazil Nut Milk (with a high vitamin E content) and Cocoa Butter prevent premature aging and improve physiological parameters such as nutrition and deep hydration, especially for mature skin. It is our Firming Skin Kit with Soap Bar, Scrub Body and Body Cream, perfect for gifting.

Firming Skin Kit - Bar Soap, Body Scrub, Body lotion

4. If they always complain about their hair

 A Hair Care deep treatment is essential to restore the hair's natural moisture, shine and smoothness. The Capillary Schedule is a haircare technique that aims to restore to the hair nutrients that are lost naturally, by chemical processes and by the excessive use of blow dry and flat iron. It is based on a 4 week treatment stages, composed by 3 key features, Hydration: Stage that replenishes water and vitamin, Nutrition: Stage that replenishes lipids and oils and Reconstruction: Stage that replenishes proteins.

The result of Novex Superfood Capillary Schedule Kit is stronger, softer and brighter hair, much healthier and full of life. What else do you want for your lover hair?

Superfood Capillary Schedule NOVEX

5. Who loves their sleek hair

Doctor Hemp Brazilian Straightening Hair Kit by NOVEX is a hair transformation product, 100% vegan and immediate result. With easy application, it provides a professional and very effective result: straight hair for up to 10 weeks.

Doctor Hemp NOVEX - Brazilian at home Straightening Kit

Lola Vintage Girl straightening cream with powerful formula, enriched with Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and Collagen, which works the pH of the strands through an acidic base, providing an impeccable smooth result, with intense shine and high nutrition of the strands. It can be used for curl relaxation, donating shine, malleability and intense defrizagem to hair.

Lola Vintage Girls - Straightening hair cream

6. Who loves a Blonde

Chamomile hair Kit is for daily use for natural, colored or highlighted blonde hair. Its formula is rich in assets that will make blonde hair noticeably more illuminated, protected and with intense shine. With Chamomile infusion, Green Tea, with Lemon Essential Oil, it is rich in antioxidants that help protect blonde hair strands from UV damage. And it still is a thermal protection for girls and boys who loves a hair dryer or flat iron.

Chamomile Kit


We hope you pick up some great Valentine Day inspo and enjoy celebrating the day of love and friendship. Most importantly remember to treat yourself!