Hair Care Routine Based On Your Lifestyle

Hair care goes far deeper than just Shampoo and Conditioner. A range of factors can effect the look and feel of your hair like diet, lifestyle, and even where you live.

We believe that a right hair care routine should be connected with your individual lifestyle and goals. With our VIRTUAL HARE CARE CONSULTATION QUIZ we get to know more about  your hair so we can offer you a solution that is all you.

Hair routine, life style

Here are a few examples of our client’s lifestyles to paint a clearer picture of how our products are designed to align with your life.

Meet Hayley

Hayley Straightened hair

Hayley's Hair Care routine

Why it works

This routine works really well for Hayley because she uses the right shampoo, and conditioner for her hair type. In addition, she does the capillary schedule, every 2 washes of the week and alternates between the hydration, nutrition and reconstruction masks, that returning all the nutrients that the hair loses during the straightening process. The couple, Leave-in and Treatment Oil, seal her hairs cuticles and protect against split-ends. This hair care routine leaves her hair always recovered, shiny and her scalp healthy!

Meet Dani

Dani Wavy Texture/Bleached HairDani's Hair Care routine

Why it works

City living suits Dani just fine but living amongst all this hustle and bustle can cause environmental stress to her hair. To protect her bleached hair color and reduce any symptoms of hair damage (like breakage and split-ends), Dani washes her hair with Super Aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner, to keep moisture where it belonge, her hair. She also uses in her bleached hair with reconstructions and anti-yellowing hair masks as part of her self-care routine to give her hair color a bit of a boost while nourishing strands and refreshing her wavy texture at the same time. The couple, Leave-in and Treatment Oil, seal her hairs cuticles and protect against split-ends and offer a bright finishing effect.


Meet Carol

Carol - Curly hair Hair transition

Carol's Hair Care routine

    Why it works

    Dr Hemp collection helps to reduce hair frizz and protects against thermal aggressions (transformation processes, dryer, and hair board). Once a week she uses the treatment hair mask to further enhance care. In addition, she never forgets to use the leave-in conditioner thermal protector that leaves her hair protected if she decides to blow dry her hair, if she doesn't blow dry her hair, she adds another leave-in conditioner to give the curls more shape. When her hair is dry, she applies a few drops of Treatment Oil and hit the road.


    Meet Giorgia

    Giorgia Curly hair

    Giorgia's Hair Care routine

      Why it works

      This works because the shampoo she uses is super hydrating, and leaves the curls more loose and shiny.  In addition, she does the capillary schedule, every wash alternating hydrationnutrition and reconstruction hair masks, that returning all the nutrients that her curly hair needs. After washing, she finishes her hair with leave-in conditioner. Then she kneads her hair using hair gel, lets her hair air dry and after drying she applies a few drops of treatment oil to nourish the curls.


      Hair routine Life Style

      Now that you see how some of our products work with examples of lifestyle and goals, it’s time to start your hair care routine too.

      Remember these are some examples, we have more than 120 diferents products to all type of hair. Do you still not sure how is your hair, answer us Virtual Hair Care Consultation Quiz, and there we will suggest some products for you.

      Any other question, let me know and I will be happy to guide you to a healthy and beautiful hair.