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Everything you wanted to know about Matcha and its benefits

Originally beloved by Buddhist monks, Matcha has recently gained widespread popularity not only for being a tasty tea, but also for working miracles on hair, skin and health. Matcha is a kind of green tea in which the whole leaf is used. When you start drinking or using it in any other way, you get all the nutrients available in its composition.

Are you excited? Keep on reading then because Lola Gênia will tell you all the benefits of Matcha!

  1. Strengthens the hair. Matcha contains vitamin B, better known as panthenol, which reduces cell aging and is a natural hair strengthener.
  1. Prevents sun damage. Matcha contains vitamin C and E, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium in its composition, which help to reduce oxidative damage from the sun and radiation.
  1. Provides scalp therapy. Matcha tea has anti-inflammatory properties that help to keep the scalp calm and non-irritated. Besides, vitamin E promotes blood circulation, making your scalp healthier.
  1. Accelerates hair growth. The caffeine in Matcha tea stimulates hair growth. Besides, this tea increases blood flow and oxygen supply, and is even used in treatments for alopecia!


Extra tip: if you suffer from dandruff, Matcha is perfect to help control this nasty problem!

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