Capillary Schedule: How to save your wires in three steps?

If you no longer know what to do to recover your damaged hair from so many chemical procedures and day-to-day damage, we suggest a solution: Capillary Schedule. Ever heard of the hydration, nutrition and reconstruction steps for the wires? Because we explain all this to you.

The main idea of ​​the capillary schedule is to recover and treat a damaged wire, respecting its particularities. For every case is a case and the only way for hair to become healthy again is to give exactly what it needs. That is, it is necessary to identify if the structure of the yarn needs replacement of water, lipids or proteins.

After identifying the main features that your hair has been presenting, it is time to start the schedule. And for that, the first step is monthly treatment planning. This means putting on paper the amount of times each schedule step will be held during the month.

Capillary Schedule - for all types of hair needs

Steps of the Capillary Schedule


This is the most well-known stage of the schedule, being able to replace the water and essential nutrients that the wire loses in its daily life. So when the hair looks dry and dull, moisturizing is the solution. The masks for this timeline step are easily found. It is suitable for all types of yarn at least once a week.

A hydrated hair has elasticity in day, balance and is free of dryness. If your hair needs it, hydrate it. And some components in capillary cosmetics can help a lot in this stage, such as: D-Panthenol, Olive Butter, Aloe Vera, Functional Amino Acids and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Hydration Hair Masks recommended

Blessed Ghee - LOLA - Hydration 
Fig 1. Blessed Ghee - Reuseable glass pack
Doctor Hydration - INOARFig 2. Doctor Hydration
Superfood HydrationFig 3. Superfood Hydration - two sizes available: 400g and 1 kilo
 Em Barra HydrationFig 4. Em barra Hydration - Solid hair mask


The nutrition stage is able to replenish lipids to the hair, the famous natural fats that are produced by the sebaceous glands of the scalp. They promote yarn protection. The result is a softer, shiny, flexible and lined hair. But you have to be careful, too much nutrition can leave your hair oily.

To perform stage, just look for masks rich in Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Mango Oil, Sunflower Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil and others. Oils are great options to perform nutrition, in general, by being greasier and transferring it to the wires.

Nutrition Hair Masks recommended

Fig 5. Blessed Ghee Nutrition- Reuseable glass pack

Fig 6. Doctor Nutrition
Fig 7. Superfood Nutrition - two sizes available: 400g and 1 kilo

Em Barra Nutrition

Fig 8. Em barra Nutrition - Solid hair mask



Chemically treated hair tends to become more fragile, thin and brittle. To reverse this situation, the stage of reconstruction of the capillary schedule is the most indicated. This is because it is able to restore the fiber by replacing proteins with the wires. The result? Hair more resilient and full bodied.

The most known component for this step is Keratin, which already appears in the wire composition and represents approximately 90% of its structure. In addition, collagen, creatine, arginine and cysteine ​​are important ingredients for rebuilding products.

It is important to be careful about rebuilding. It is indicated with a minimum interval of 15 days. If not, the wire becomes very rigid and may break.

Reconstruction Hair Masks recommended

Fig 9. Blessed Ghee Reconstruction- Reuseable glass pack
Fig 10. Doctor Reconstruction
Fig 11. Superfood Reconstruction - two sizes available: 400g and 1 kilo
Fig 12. Em Barra Reconstruction - Solid hair mask



How long can I close the capillary schedule cycle, and when do the effects start to appear?

In general, the capillary schedule cycle closes within 4 weeks. The effects can be felt from the end of the first cycle of interspersed care. The results are intensified with the continuous treatment sequence.

Is there any problem taking one step out of the capillary schedule?

No, It is important to have all stages (hydration, nutrition, and reconstruction) completed. Therefore, we cannot remove or postphone any from the capillary schedule.

Who has oily scalp can follow a capillary schedule?

Yes, because the length of wavy and curly hair has a greater tendency to dryness. Follow the steps of the schedule and wash the hair root with a detox shampoo, specific to control the excessive oiliness of that region.

We have the complete Capillary Schedule available, so you won't miss any step. Choose yours and enjoy!

LOLA - Blessed Ghee Hair Mask Kit (Capillary Schedule Kit Hydration, Nutrition & Reconstruction)
Inoar DOCTOR Capillary Schedule Hair Mask (250g x 3)
Novex Superfood Capillary Schedule 400g and 1 kilo
LOLA - Em Barra Capillary Schedule Hair Mask Kit

If you have already made a capillary schedule or are going to venture out, please tell us about your experiences! Thanks.