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An Organic and Animal Free Way of Life - A Shift to Influence Human-Kind

The world is changing.
People are becoming more aware.
We, collectively, are learning to care more.

The way society eats, the way money is being spent, how industries evolve, and other industries start to slow down or die, impacts everything. It affects the way we behave as individuals and as a collective entity. It affects the way we perceive, interact, and adopt new technologies. Overall, the trends that we collectively adopt guide the norms for our society.

Organic ingredients are everywhere

From food to cleaning ingredients to hair products, toxic ingredients are being demonized. All segments and industries are introducing alternative products to market.

Thanks to social media, Youtube videos, and documentaries on streaming services such as Netflix, we are very aware of the dangers of chemicals and toxins. From heavy metals on deodorants to dish soap to fake coloring in makeups, bad ingredients that may cause illness are being called out everywhere.

Labels are being read carefully. Brands are being smart in their marketing. New lines are being launched. New formulas are being tested as the new health-conscious consumers multiply. More affordable natural products are arriving in the market making it easier for consumers to buy it.

Oranges and green leaves

 Plant-based everything is becoming common

Even if a majority of people are not going 100% plant-based, the huge uptick on veggie consumption at the detriment of meat-based meals and products could impact society positively. Vegans, vegetarians, and healthy eaters: unite!

Companies are promoting meat-free Mondays. Meatless products are as tasty as anything else. Great options for plant-proteins have flooded the market. Restaurants have increased their vegetarian or vegan options. Meal delivery services are offering quality meals without animal protein.

 Looking at how attractive the options have become, it has been a lot easier to adopt an animal-free lifestyle, or at least reduce the meat consumption, which is now seen as a major benefit in personal health and ecological impact.


 This represents a big shift in feeding behavior in developed countries. Out of all the new trends, going organic and vegan in our collective choices could influence human-kind the most.