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Inoar — Brazilian company that is a reference in the national and international market, Inoar Cosmeticos brings in its DNA the essence of its founders: the creation of innovative products through the unique look of Inocência Manoel, Marketing and Creation Director, and Alexandre's business management Nascimento Manoel Aroza make Inoar a cosmetics brand inspired by various types of people, with innovation, cutting edge technology and the know-how of those who understand the needs of professionals and end consumers. It has more than 370 products in its portfolio, including shampoos, conditioners, hair care masks and ampoules, oils, leave-ins, fixing sprays, nail sprays, professional treatments, coloring, toner, hydrogen peroxide, bleaching powder and now products bodily.

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NOVEX by Embelleze is a 100% Brazilian Hair Care Company that understands women and creates the best beauty solutions for women from all ethnicities with different life styles and different beauty needs. The Embelleze Group was created by Mr. Itamar Serpa in March 8th 1969 and today is composed by Headquarters in Brazil, Salon Professional, Embelleze International and Beauty School Franchise. With Headquarters located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Embelleze has a very important role in the Brazilian Market as the leader in the following segments: Hair Color with the brand Maxton; Hair Straightening/ Transformation with Hairlife; Hair Treatment with Novex. Embelleze Manufacturing Plant is also located in Rio de Janeiro and has a capacity of producing over 100 million units/monthly, generating about ten thousand direct and indirect jobs. Novex is the most known Brazilian hair care brand worldwide. It can be found in over 40 counties and 6 different languages.

Novex Australia

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Our story began in 2011, when Lola Cosmetics allowed women to love her hair and be her own standard of beauty. In a short time, Lola Cosmetics became a phenomenon throughout Brazil, even choosing not to advertise the products in the media. The great difference of Lola's products is in the formulation, which does not  contain sulfates, phthalates, synthetic dyes, paraffin, parabens, insoluble silicones  and petrolates. These ingredients are present in most shampoos and conditioners, but they damage and impair the hydration of the hair. We are proud to produce cosmetics with natural formula, providing organic  products. Lola's products are free of synthetic active ingredients. Instead,  the products contain assets from nature. In addition, we are proud to produce 100% vegan and Cruelty Free cosmetics, developing our formulas without any product testing on animals.

Lola has been with EuReciclo since 2017, and our partnership allows us to recycle  100% of the packaging waste that we put into the environment, through  compensation. We are in constant motion and over the years we have implemented  environmentally friendly alternatives. 100% recyclable packaging, our biodegradable  bar line that is free of plastic, reusable glass mugs as an alternative to plastic, in  addition to the additive in our bottles that speeds up the degradation time of plastic  by up to 5 years (which without it would take hundreds years to decompose).


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