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The Thing About Hair Oils

How many of you use hair oils as part of your styling routines?!  To be honest, I never thought to use oil in my hair.  My first thought was….’it will make my hair look greasy!!!’  Well, yes it can if you use too much.  The key here is to use only a small amount.  Remember it’s easier to add more to the hair if needed.  I love gently massaging it throughout my hair once it’s dried to ‘scrunch out the crunch’.  It just helps give it that extra shine, and with curly hair this is definitely a bonus.

For those with a dry scalp or dry hair, hair oils are a great way to add that extra bit of nourishment that our curls crave.  If your hair is chemically treated or if you colour your hair, you will definitely find hair oils beneficial.  It’s also a handy styling tool.  Another added benefit is most hair oils can also be used on the body.

Using only a small amount of oil is a great way to smooth down the frizz and helps to rid those dry looking ends.  The oil helps to also seal the hair cuticle.  Now remember, as I mentioned before, just a little is all you need otherwise you can make your hair look greasy, and this is definitely not a look you want.

Below are a few ways to use hair oils:

Pre-poo treatment –A helpful tip is to apply oil to the scalp and throughout the hair, just before a shower and let the steam help to open up the cuticle and penetrate into the hair. Then be sure to shampoo and condition afterwards.

Helps to tame frizz – apply a couple of drops of oil onto hands and smooth it through the hair to flatten those fly-aways, this also helps to add shine to the hair. This can be done on your natural curls or on hair that has been straightened.

Scrunch out the crunch –a great finishing touch, by adding a couple of drops of oil onto hands and gently scrunch the dried gel cast throughout the hair (make sure your hair is completely dry before doing this)

And on 4 My Curls website you have all it.  Below are a few of the hair oils that we currently carry.  Also to note, all of these oils can be used on the scalp, hair and body….it’s the trifecta of OILS!!!

Curl Keeper Dry Oil Elixir – this multi-tasking oil is great for the hair, scalp and skin.

Curl Keeper Dry Oil Elixir

Darshana Natural Indian Hair Oil – with Antioxidants, Omega 3-6-9, and Vitamins A-B-C-E, Darshana Oil helps to moisturize, condition, and smoothe the hair.

Darshana Natural Indian Hair Oil

Innersense Harmonic Healing Oil – Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. This luscious oil penetrates deep into the skin, scalp and hair to deliver hydration and nourishment.

Innersense Harmonic Healing Oil

Jessicurl Oil Blend – made with jojoba, avocado and coconut oil, helps to add softness and shine into each of your curls.

Jessicurl Oil Blend

Check it out!

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