Combing Cream Seda Boom Volumão 1Kg

Combing Cream Seda Boom Volumão 1Kg

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Exclusive formula with Macadamia Oil and D-Panthenol, leaves your curls and curls looser, enhancing and amplifying their volume, besides keeping them extremely hydrated

Instructions for use

  • You can (or cannot) humidify the wires.
  • Apply Boom Silk Volumão all over the hair, tilting the head down.
  • Use your fingers or a fork comb to loosen the curls, from the scalp to the ends. (avoid too much cream at the root).
  • Dry with a diffuser or let your hair dry naturally

With UV-Filter (Contains UV-Filter)
24h Definition
With Macadamia Oil And D-Panthenol (Contains Macadamia Oil + D-Panthenol)
Highlights Volume
Super Moisturizing