INOAR PROFESSIONAL - Brazilian Vegan Tanino Keratin Smoothing System 33.8oz/1L

INOAR PROFESSIONAL - Brazilian Vegan Tanino Keratin Smoothing System 33.8oz/1L

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INOAR VEGAN TANINO is a taninoplasty type smoothing, it is loaded with tannin agents, allowing to create a chain of molecules of plant origin around the hair cortex to make it stronger and more resistant.

A smoothing product in one step with instant results. With Organic Acid Blend + Vegetable Oil Blend + Tanic Acid, offers smooth, frizz-free hair with radiant shine.


DIRECTIONS: (Click here to watch the How to use video)

Step 1 : Use 1 or 2 clarifying shampoo depending on the nature and condition of the hair. Then dry, leaving about 20% humidity.

Step 2 : Apply the treatment to all lengths, evenly. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes for colored blond hair, and between 40 and 50 minutes for natural or dark hair. Step

Step 3: rinse more abundantly on blond hair) and remove the excess product that has not been absorbed by the hair to using a comb.

Step 4: Dry the hair 100% by doing a light brushing, just enough to untangle the hair and align them to facilitate the passage of the plates.

Step 5: Pass the plates 8 to 10 times strand by strand depending on the nature of the hair. Temperature at 190 ° on blond hair and at 220 or 230 ° on natural or dark hair. Take care to take fine strands and perform fairly quick passages. To choose a straightening iron, use titanium plates, adjustable up to 230 ° and at constant temperature Step

Colored and damaged hair = 150C / 300F

Blonde hair = 125C / 250F
Natural hair = 180C / 350F
Not suitable for children
Not suitable for women who are pregnant