Inoar Magic Liss Spray Thermo Activated Fluid 6.7oz/200ml

Inoar Magic Liss Spray Thermo Activated Fluid 6.7oz/200ml

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INOAR has developed Magic Liss Spray Fluid for natural and chemically treated hair, the herbal formula of the product is enriched with jasmine extract, which intensively moisturizes, reduces puffiness and smoothes the hair surface.

The tool has as many as 15 features:

1. Vegetable, vegan composition,
2. Progressive effect,
3. Irrigation,
4. Gloss effect,
5. Heat protection
6. Cuticle closure,
7. Elimination of bloating,
8. Prevents color fading,
9. Protection against humid air,
10. Long-term effects
11. Hair nourishment and restoration,
12. Relaxed and softer strands,
13. Smoothness effect,
14. Absence of dyes and parabens,
15. Prevents splitting of hair ends.

Active ingredients: jasmine and argan oil extract

Indications: for all hair types

To use: Spray on wet or dry hair. Shaped as usual.