INOAR Cicatrifios Leave-In 1.7oz/50ml

INOAR Cicatrifios Leave-In 1.7oz/50ml

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Leave-in conditioner that protects against heat damage and prevents hair from bloating.

The CicatriFios hair care line is designed to repair damaged hair. The tools in this line are a revolution in daily hair care, providing the opportunity to fully restore the structure of the hair. CicatriFios leave-in conditioner formula is enriched with rekucomplex3, softens hair, reduces splitting and bloating, and restores hair volume. Gives hair shine, makes combing easier and guarantees a long-lasting effect.

CicatriFios Leave-In Conditioner smoothes and protects hair from heat. It is a great choice for daily hair care due to its deep-acting formula that restores the hair cuticle.


  • Easier combing
  • Long lasting effect
  • Extreme shine
  • Heat protection
  • Gradual reduction in volume
  • Hair breakage protection
  • Restoration
  • Hair softening

Active ingredients: rekucomplex3 complex, argan oil

Indications: for all hair types, especially suitable for thin, medium-thick hair

The result: smooth, heat-protected hair

Usage: Apply a small amount of the product on wet or dry hair with the help of your fingers over the entire length of the hair. Comb your hair so that the product is evenly distributed. No need to wash.